The Midnight Library by Matt Haigh

Have you ever wished you had done things differently? Or have you had days where you think if I could go back and do things differently what would you do? Would it be a change of career? Would it be going on that date you said no too? Or would it be to take that gap year to go travelling?

Whatever it is do you ever think if you had done that or didn’t do it how different your life would be? One of my favourite phrases (especially on my birthday) was “Ah to be 16 but know what I know now!” But then there is the flip side to your life changing; other things can also change so that amazing career you have now may not exist or the partner you are with now you may have never met them as your paths are not destined to cross.

In the last few years I have had a lot of time to think and on occasion wishing my life was different. I have also spent time reflecting and looking back at some of the decisions in my life and think if I had done things differently would my life be different now. And the answer is yes it probably would be…but then I think if things were different would my daughter be in my life, would I have had the opportunity to start writing. Maybe, maybe not, who knows?

So what if there was an opportunity to try out different variations of your life. What if you could be a ‘slider’, someone who slides in and out of all their different lives.

Nora Seed is depressed, she believes her life is not for living. So she makes the decision to take her life. However, things do not go as she plans and she arrives in the Midnight Library. This library is Nora’s life and all the books in the library are the different variations of Nora’s life. So Nora has the opportunity to try out the different lives; she goes from being a Olympic swimmer to a world wide music sensation. She experiences all the different lives depending on the choices she could have made. But she also learns that different lives have different consequences.

The people in her life go at different times or sometimes are in her life for a longer period. So why can Nora not decide which is the best life for her? Why do none of these lives feel like the right life for Nora and does she in fact really want to die?

Because I suppose that is the question, do we really want to die or is it more we want something to change? And is that change within us? Trust me I know change is not easy and sometimes it can feel like there is no way for things to change but that change is there; it is within you but the first step is the hardest and sometimes we need a little help taking that first step and that is ok as well. The end may feel like the end but sometimes we just need a change of path and that change can become a domino effect and change things for the future. So if you feel like Nora or even if the path does not feel like the right one do not be closed off to looking at what is behind those different doors.

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