A Life without You by Shari Low

How do you describe grief? Th painstaking feeling that seeps through your body, the empty feeling in the days that follow. The anger you feel towards the person who left you.

The thing is we all grieve in different ways. Some cannot stop crying, some of us get angry and some people can get lost in the grief that it becomes consuming of the person and their life. But when we loose someone the one thing that we also loose is that connection, that piece of thread that tied us together. That is not to say we forget that person or that our memories are not valid but there is a shift whether we like to admit it or not.

Dee has died, she was murdered and her death has effected her family and friends in different ways. Her parents are slowly drifting apart; her mum so angry that she cannot think straight while her dad immerses himself into work as he does not want to think about what has happened. Her husband is running to block out the pain as it is better than sitting in an empty house, the house Dee had decorated. And her best friend Jen is holding on by her fingernails trying to keep the business she and Dee had started afloat whilst grieving for her best friend and the sister she never had.

As time passes, Jen knows she will need to be brave and do the things Dee used to do but what if these things open a different can of worm and this person that Jen thought was her best friend is in fact has a whole set of secrets Jen was never aware off. What if Dee dying leaves Jen in a position where she can keep the secrets or break everyone’s heart by telling them including her own. Only Jen can make that decision and in doing so the connection created between Dee, Jen, Dee’s parents and husband could shatter into a million pieces.

Because that is the thing is it not; in some circumstances when someone dies we forget the bad and place them on this pedestal. In other cases there was no bad and they deserve to be on that pedestal and is some situations we just do not know what lies, stories, truths will come out until that person has gone. Let’s me honest, nobody’s life is perfect and we all have different demons to fight and sometimes these demons are not always visible to the outside so you never really understand what anyone is going through. There may be reasons a person does what they do, but I guess the question is what do you do with that knowledge.

Sometimes is it just easier to allow the past to remain in the past or does the truth prevail at all costs?

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