Once in a Lifetime by Chrissie Manby

Second chances; do we make them happen or does fate intervene? Is there a reason it did not work out the first time and maybe things should be left the way they are?

In some situations I would absolutely say yes, there is a reason it did not work out and it would be pure stupidity to go back. However, maybe just maybe there are times when there is a reason that you are given then second chance and whether it is fate or some higher power that allows that second chance to happen you have to take it right?

And what about a second chance to find love? How do we recognise these opportunities? And if the opportunity comes along to have love a second time surely we should reach out with both hands to grab it. But it isn’t easy is it, that grabbing and reaching that second chance. There is always that hesitation, whether it be trust of yourself and the other person or fear of putting yourself back out there only to be hurt again.

The Parker women; one from each generation. Jane has been a widow fifteen years and believes she was lucky as her marriage was a happy one. Danni believes that she had her shot at making something of her self and blew it leaving her living with her mother working in the same place she had worked since she was eighteen. And Flossie, sixteen year old Flossie who thought she had found true love in eco warrior (putting it loosely) Jed.

Each one holding on to the memories they had or looking forward to the memories they are going to make. For Danni it is Nat. He was the love of her life but they were young and life does not always go as you think it will and now Danni is petrified that history will repeat itself with Flossie but as we all know you cannot learn from someone else’s mistakes, they have to be your own.

Three women, three generations, three different love stories all different but actually in some elements not that far apart. As humans I believe we are genetically made to have people in our life and people we love . We crave that intimacy, that sense of belonging and that someone to call ours. For me it is that place to call home and that does not necessarily mean the physical location. It means that feeling of closing the ‘door’ and knowing you are safe. Or knowing that if something good or bad happens there is someone to share that news with. And yes it is that person with if you are one of the lucky ones with whom you can curl up with use their body warmth as your own personal blanket and lay your head on their chest.

So yes, it is scary taking those second chances and yes it may seems a daunting process but someone once said to me “If there are no mistakes then corrections won’t be in existence”.

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