Let’s talk…The girl who calls me Mama

Hello…that usually seems like a good place to start. I cannot believe that I started this blog over a year ago. It has been my way to express my feelings and share my life’s bloopers.

So as well my monthly book blogs (or more if I am lucky enough to read more than one book a month) I thought I could use this blog to check in on life and who knows maybe even share some pearls of wisdom, or in my case the hiccups that occur along the way. I am not sure if anyone even reads my blog but if you do welcome.

So I guess the best place to start is with a bit about me. So as you will have seen from the ‘About Me’ page my name is Neeta. I live in Lancashire (up north) and I am a mama to a fabulous (yes bias I know) but very sassy six year old. No doubt you will hear a lot about her along the way. Due to a change in my circumstances I live with my parents which whilst at times is great there are other times I feel like a sixteen year old who still needs permission to go out. And when you are an Indian woman even more so.

Currently there is no Big in my life but I am lucky enough to have an amazing set of friends. I have got the other mamas who keep me sane and reassure me when I feel I am the worlds worst mum. I have got the practical friend who is a dog mama and then I have got the best friend, the one who keeps me young (well ish) and encourages me to live my life, follows my dreams and attempts to throw me back on the saddle although in the couple of attempts I have had my ass has more skimmed the saddle and fallen of the other side as opposed to placing it on the saddle.

So in a nutshell that is me. Now I am no Carrie Bradshaw so I cannot promise you stylish outfits or romantic love stories (I say yet with hope) but what I can hope to give you is a laugh and to share that yes at times life is shitty but on occasion we maybe able to laugh at it or ourselves and not take it as serious as we first think.

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