My Secret Sister by Lauren Westwood

As a mother if someone asked me what would I do to save my child. The honest answer is anything. The day that shrivelled up bundle with masses of hair was placed in my arms I knew that nothing or no-one would take her place.

Now don’t get me wrong, as you have read in previous blogs there are days I would quite happily sell her on eBay and one of my favourite lines is “She is free to a good home and on a bad day it doesn’t even have to be a good home.” But all that said that girl is mine and I would go to the ends of the earth to protect her. When I think of protection, I think of lionesses and the way she protects her cubs or in the Jungle Book when Raksha protects Mowgli from Sher Khan, that is the protection I am talking about.

Recently, my cub was accused of bullying (and I do not use that word lightly) another child in class. I got the call from the mother and in all honesty I was torn. I know my sassy pants and she is a lot of things but a bully is not one of them so naturally my mum instinct kicked in and as much as I was trying not to sound like “one of those mums who feels the sun shines out of her you know what” my defensives came up. Luckily, long story short there was some confusion and my cub was in fact described as “not having a mean bone in her body” whoop whoop small mum win!!

So what if my cub was ill and I knew I could save her, no question right. I would do anything to save her. Claire’s daughter is Jess, Jess has Severe Aplastic Anemia “a serious condition affecting the blood, where the bone marrow and stem cells do not produce enough blood cells.” The only thing that can save Jess is a transplant and none of family members are matches so she is on the transplant waiting list. Therefore, Claire has decided to take matters into her own hands and has signed up to the MyStory project where her DNA goes into a database to see if she can find any distant relatives that would help. However, things crop up that Claire did not expect and that thing is Marianne, Claire’s half sister. A sister she knew nothing about and likewise Marianne knew nothing about Claire. So can Claire convince Marianne to get tested and help save her baby girl. And what will Marianne want in return and will Claire give it to her? Of course she will, she needs to save her daughter right? But as we all know things are never quite that straight forward.

As a mum I pray and hope I am never in that position where that is a decision I have to make but for any parent that has had to make any form of decision like that I take my hat off to you with whole admiration, it takes courage and guts and a strength I can imagine like no other.

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