Five Years from Now by Paige Toon

Broken hearts, the ones where we walk away because we know it is the right thing to do but that does not necessarily mean it is easy.

“What’s the saying? If you love someone set them free. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t they never were.”

In so many ways when there is love and you must walk away it makes it harder because you question why? Why is is the right thing to walk away, but deep down you know it is. And sometimes it is for a short period of time and other times you never know if that love will come back but all you can do is wait and hope. And sometimes it will and sometimes it won’t, and it is hard not knowing what the answer will be.

Nell and Van’s paths first cross when they are five years old. Throughout their lives every five years they are back in each other’s lives starting as friends. But as time goes on their relationship grows into something more. Their love faces so many trials, time, distance, and death to name a few. But each time their love brings them closer together. Their love develops over the years bringing them one step closer to each other. The downside is life has different plans for them, for each step they take forward they then need to take one step back. And most of the time it is through no fault of their own. So, what can they do? Do they continue with the trials they face, or do they know the right thing to do is walk always? And can they truly walk away from each other or will fate always bring them back together.

There are so many different loves in our lives and each one teaches us something different. Some teach us to be strong, some break us to the point we think we cannot return; some love runs so deep you wonder if you will ever be able to live without that person.  The question is, the hurt that comes with love, is it worth it? If you knew your next love story was going to hurt you, would you still take that risk? Would it be worth the tears, the agonising hours you spend looking at your phone hoping they will contact you and if you take the risk of making contact what if they do not contact you back. That rejecting feeling inside that feels like it will never go away.

Deep down I believe most of us would still take that risk even if we knew the hurt it would cause because if we did not take the risk how would we grow? How would we learn those feelings we feel and the feelings we know we do not want to feel in the future? So yes, love is hard and there are trials and God, it can make us cry but it can also make us feel so happy and so alive. A good love makes us feel strong like we can achieve anything, and most of all the tears you have cried previously suddenly become worth it. So, if I leave with any advice today on the matter of love, it is take the risk. You may end up walking away with nothing, but you may also end up with something beautiful.

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