The One plus One by JoJo Moyes

Life is hard (or it can be)! We all go through periods of our lives which are more difficult than other periods of our lives. And sometimes we get through these difficult periods on our own and there are other times where we just need that someone to give us a helping hand. On some occasions that someone maybe friends or family and on other occasions that someone may be a stranger or the person we least expect.

Jess in my eyes has got it hard. She is raising two children one of who is not biologically hers with no help from her ex husband. Everyday is a struggle, managing the kids, juggling money, trying to hold down two jobs whilst living on a shitty council estate which also houses a family of bullies. However, despite all this Jess refuses to be beaten. She remains optimistic and continues to look for the good in any given situation.

Ed had it all the money, the cars etc. until one stupid mistake cost him everything. As it should happen fate brings these two individuals together and suddenly it is a question of who is helping who and whilst they are helping each other is there the possibility of these two polar opposite people falling in love.

As from my previous posts you will know I am a huge believer in fate and I believe that god (or a higher power) places people in our life for a reason even if they are only in it for a short period of time. The hardest part is when we expect that person to be in our life longer than we expected but sometimes that just is not the case and the plans you have are different from the ones God has for you. How do you then cope when this person is no longer in your life when you expect them to be? When they slowly needled their way into a place in your heart and now they have gone the space there is simply a hole. Where do you go from there and what are the steps you can take to protect yourself?

Or is it the fact that you do not have a choice? There are only so many days you can hide under the duvet before the world carries on moving and whether you like it or not you have to keep moving with it. And who knows maybe the person who left your life may have needed to step out for a minute but the bigger picture that we do not see yet is that they will be back but this time when it is the right time for you to both make it work.

So yes right now it hurts and some days it feels like the pain will never go, but I can promise you this…you are stronger than you think and if that person is destined to play a part in your life they will and this moment of pain you feel will be worth it. And if they are not then trust God’s bigger picture, the ‘right’ one may be just around the corner.

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