Maybe this Time by Jill Mansell

“It could be the perfect love story…”

I believe time and fate both have a way of deciding what is right for us and more importantly when it is right for us.

How many times have we gone for a job interview and we don’t get it. At the time we feel devastated but then something better comes along. Or you are buying something only to find when you next go to the shop it isn’t there but the next day you find a better dress at a better price. And at the time we may not even think about it but these are all points of fate.

So when we think about love is it any different? That guy we thought was perfect but never quite becomes ours. The shitty relationship we have been through which at the time we thought was the best we deserved until we realise that actually we deserve so much better and when we finally get better it makes us look back and reflect. But on the other hand you realise you had to go through the shitty relationship in order to appreciate yourself and what you have got this time.

And then there is the sliding door relationship. The relationship that almost always makes it or gets there but for one reason or another something gets in the way preventing this happening.

I think to Carrie and Big in Sex and the City and how many times their path crossed, how many almost, maybes even on the day of their wedding before they finally got there. So let me introduce you to Mimi and Cal.

When Mimi met Cal for the first time she was taken aback by how good looking and charming he was but she is not looking for love and Cal is not in a position where he can offer anything. Time passes and over the years their paths continue to cross but each time there is something or someone who get in the way. So will they ever have the opportunity to find this love? Or does fate have a bigger plan for them and is their love story never meant to be.

Love stories are so intricate and sometimes it isn’t the Romeo and Juliet love story you expect but instead it is the smallest things that make you smile and make you realise that maybe just maybe fate did in fact bring you together at the right time but not for the grand love story but the coffee in bed on Sunday morning, the long countryside walks, the insane dancing around the kitchen and putting your arms around each other at every opportunity.

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