The Last Letter from Juliet by Melanie Hudson

Where Angels Sing, by Edward Nancarrow

When from this empty world I fall

And the light within me fades,

When life was light, not shade.

I’ll think, my love, of a sweeter time.

With bluebirds from this world I’ll fly

And to a cove I’ll go,

To wait for you where angels sing

And when it’s time you’ll know.

To meet me on the far side where

We once led Mermaid home,

And finally, my love and I

Will be, as one, alone.

“Because that was the thing with love at first sight, it was like the birth of time – the big bang of the universe itself. It was the ignition of a silent understanding exchange in body language.”

Love at first sight – does it exist? Now I don’t profess to be some expert on love but this is one element of love that has always really baffled me. Don’t get me wrong the notion of love at first sight sounds very beautiful and I am sure there are some people out there who have amazing love stories with people they fell in love with at first sight but I have never been one of those people. In fact I can categorically say that any person I have fallen in love with previously is usually someone who initially I cannot stand (hmmm I am thinking now maybe that is where I am going wrong?!)

I am open to the idea of love at first sight and I think it must feel terribly romantic if this is the case (yes I am still the old romantic) but as I get older I do wonder if the feeling of love changes. I once read somewhere that real love is not the feeling of your heart beating faster or the sweaty palms but the calm you feel when you are with that person. Again no expert so I am open to debate on this.

But let me ask you something else…if you really did believe in true love (at first sight or not) would you wait for him or her and for how long? A few months, a few years or a lifetime. If that person truly is the one can anyone else take their place?

The book starts with Juliet aged 92 writing a letter to herself reminding her to read the letter every day, to “work hard to keep yourself and the memories alive” because Juliet had promised Edward she would. So what has happened between Edward and Juliet and what promises did Juliet make to Edward?

It is 1938 when Juliet first meets Edward at a time when her life is already planned out for her but there is something about him that makes her want to throw caution to the wind. He makes her feel like no other man has made her feel. But life has other plans for Juliet and Edward and their path to be together is no easy one. But is their love is strong enough to hold them together through the years. The question is will their time ever come to be together as they want.

“As I waved goodbye and dashed up the hill, I felt like Cinderella running away from her Prince Charming. And just like Cinderella, I knew that the road would not lead us apart for very long, but would curve all the way around our respective destinations in the shape of an interconnected heart”

So whilst I love the idea of love at first sight there is still a part of me that is skeptical but the question of how long would I wait for the man I love that part is easy. In my eyes if it is really true love destiny will find its way to bring you together so the wait may be 5 years or 50 years but your time with that person will come because I believe all true love stories never really end sometimes they just take a different route. And as for my one true love I know he will be there when the time is right for us and if not in this life then surely we will meet over the rainbow.

Our time may not be now, but we will not be apart, not really, and one day we’ll be together forever.”

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