The Moment of Truth by Shari Low

The definition of betrayal is “the action of betraying one’s country, a group or a person.” In a relationship betrayal can be defined as “someone violating your trust in them.”

Trust is a funny thing in my eyes as you can trust someone implicitly but the minute they break that trust it can take a lifetime to build it back up. For me trust covers a variety of things; yes the big things like not cheating if you are in a relationship or not doing anything to hurt the other person either physically or mentally but trust can be the other things as well. It can be keeping that secret that you have been told. It can be being there when you say you will or doing something that you have said you will do.

I am a firm believer that you can have lots of friends but there is only a handful you can have every confidence in. The ones that will move mountains to ensure they do not break that trust. Likewise in a relationship there has to be foundations to make the relationship solid and one of the foundations is trust. And this is a two way street; yes you have to trust your partner but likewise they should not give you any reason not to trust them.

Laney trusted Cam completely he was her husband after all and even though they had busy diaries and could not always be home together they both recognised that their jobs were important and what they were doing was for their future. To an outsider they had a perfect life and they adored each other. They had a strong marriage, a good lifestyle and great sex.

So taking all this into account who the hell was Cara and why was she planning a proposal to Cam – Laney’s Cam? Dig deeper and why was Cam taking money out of their savings and why had he set up a new account. Could Laney still trust Cam? Was he still her forever? Or had he broken her trust once for all. Did Cam love Cara or was that all in Cara’s head? Well there was only one way Laney was going to find out and that was to make sure Cara got her proposal.

I always think of Maslow when I think of relationships. In this hierarchy Maslow identified the bottom two tiers as basic needs – physiological needs i.e. food and water and safety needs i.e. security and safety and even though Maslow proposed this theory in the 40’s I do not think that the human beings needs have diversified far from that. We still need food, water, safety and security and in a relationship those things come from trusting the person you are with.

To sum it up “Breaking someone’s trust is like crumpling up a perfect piece of paper. You can smooth it out but it is never going to be the same again.”

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