What If by Shari Low

Set the scene…you are eighteen years old, the world looks rosy and you finally think you have met the man of your dreams. So, he has to be ‘the one’ doesn’t he? The one who is going to whisk you off into the sunset and you are going to spend the rest of your days with. Right? Or wrong?

Now firstly let me start by saying that this could happen and possibly for some loved up couple this has happened or is happening right now but for people like me (and I can see you nodding in agreement) eighteen year old love was probably some hormonal young man whose idea of whisking me off my feet was a couple of blue wkds and a bag of cheese and onion crisps.

“No one ever tells you men are like knickers – after a time, they get grey and washed out and they have a tendency to fall down when you least expect it.”

So for the Carrie Bradshaws of the world who have had to kiss a few frogs and still in the search of Mr. Right as opposed to Mr. Right Now, do you ever look back and wonder was your Big there all along and somehow you let him slip through your fingers. And if so can you go back and find him? Or work out if he was the right one at all? Or as the saying goes let sleeping dogs lie because let’s me honest they are an ex for a reason.

Copper (real name Carly) lives in a decade where social media does not exist so the chance to stalk your ex just cannot happen but in less than nine months it is going to be the turn of the millennium and in Cooper’s words “I’m beginning to despair of ever finding someone to snuggle up to in front of the TV, and snog the face off when I’ve had one too many glasses of whatever vino is on sale in Tesco.”

So call it nuts, call it a mid life crisis or call it bloody brave Cooper sets off in hot pursuit of the men she had once loved to see if her Big was actually out there and in her naive 20s she just did not realise this. As you can imagine there are some laughs, some tears and some self discovery along the way. And maybe just maybe Mr. Right was on her doorstep all along. “And as I watch him laugh and shake his head, I think…What if…there’s a happy ending after all?”

And if like me you are still waiting for your Big, whilst I wouldn’t recommend jetting off around the world in hot pursuit of ex boyfriends (thank god for social media) all I can say is he may not live down the street but he will be worth the bloody wait.

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