With or Without You by Shari Low

Every birthday for the last few years someone will say to me “Ah 21 again?” and my response is usually “but to know then what I know now.” But would I really a) go back and do it again or b) do it any differently?

It is the turn of the millennium and Liv has a decision to make re her marriage. Does she stop with Nate the man she fell in love with at university all those years ago or after spending a year trying to re-ignite the fire do they finally walk away? There is nothing wrong with Nate; he is dependable, loyal and stable but surely there is more to life than that?! Or is there?

With or Without You shows the two lives Liv could have; one with Nate and the future they would have and one without Nate and where that path can lead. Both lives bring hard decisions, they bring happiness but they also bring different heartaches.

According to the author, it does not matter which path you decide somethings are meant to happen, some people you are destined to meet and the people you fall in love with you will still fall in love with.

“Perhaps our lives and loves are predetermined, our paths mapped out, and it doesn’t matter what twists and turns we take on the road, we still end up exactly where we’re meant to be…is it better to step into the unknown and take a chance on happiness, on love, on life?”

As for me in all honesty, would I do it differently? Probably not …yes my life has not turned out quite the way I envisaged but if things were different I would not have met some amazing people along the way, I would not have created some fantastic memories and I may not have created my mini me. Or would I? I am a great believer in fate and certain things do happen for a reason but also that you as an individual have to have the courage to take those first steps and to take that chance on love, life and happiness.

So yes I have met amazing people and created fantastic memories but there are still more people to meet, more memories to create, more than likely more heartache to encounter but most importantly more love to feel.

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