The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

You are invited to a dinner party and it is adult’s only. The thing is you have a six month old baby and the babysitter cancels last minute. What do you do? Insist on bringing the baby? Send your apologies and cancel? Leave the baby on its own and still go to the dinner party. I mean it is only the other side of the wall and you will have the baby monitor with you. So that is what you decide and between you and your husband you will take hourly turns to check on the baby. I mean it is only the other side of the wall?

But then the unthinkable happens and the dinner party ends and you go back home and in a split second your world comes tumbling down around your ears…the baby is missing. But it was only the other side of the wall. Surely no one could have taken the baby without them noticing? But they did and now you are the parents who left your baby unsupervised whilst you were at the dinner party.

Things start to become blurry. The details become hazy and all you can think is why did I leave the baby. As time goes on you try to think harder about the night and make sense of the situation and the more you think about it the less things make sense. There are pieces of the jigsaw missing and the timeline does not add up. So what are you missing? Who can you trust? Why would someone want your baby?

The more you think about it the less people you trust except your family that is. I mean they wouldn’t be involved would they…or would they? Anne and Marco become involved in the most dangerous cat and mouse game where the pawn is their daughter Cora. So what can they do? And who can they trust? More importantly can they even trust each other?

Whilst reading this book my heart was in my throat and I could not read fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. As a parent I cannot for one second even comprehend leaving my daughter without an adult so it really made me think how Anne could contemplate this however, as the plot of the story continues various elements do unfold and the phrase keep your friends close but your enemies closer definitely springs to mind.

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