In Five Years by Rebecca Serle

How many times have you been asked the question “Where do you see yourself in five years time?” And usually the answers consist of new job, new house, get married etc. Why? Why do we put that pressure on ourselves? Why cannot the answer simply to be alive and living our lives not just existing in our lives?

What if you could predict the future and in this future you are not with the man you think you are going to marry or living in the house you thought was your future home. How would you react? Would you do everything to avoid this change of events or would you simply accept that fate plays a big part in what happens in life? But what if that fate is the cruelest kind because it takes your best friend away from you.

Dannie and Bella are chalk and cheese but are best friends. Dannie has a plan; she knows when in her life things will happen. The proposal from her boyfriend, the promotion at work, the wedding everything is worked out to a T. Bella is the complete opposite. Life is for living and that is exactly what she intends doing. The plan is working for Dannie and as planned her boyfriend proposes as was required. That night after too much to drink Dannie falls asleep and has a premonition five years into her life only she is not with her fiancé and she isn’t in their home. In fact she makes love to a complete stranger. Fast forward five years and the wedding has not happened but she is still engaged to her fiancé and they live in their home.

Then one day Dannie meets Bella’s new boyfriend only to find he was the man in her premonition. Dannie wants to dislike him but she cannot. In fact he proves he is exactly the right man for Bella. On the other side Bella teaches Dannie life is for living and not settling and for being in love not just settling for someone because it’s convenient. The issue is Greg because every time Dannie sees him she can see them making love. But why? Why did Greg come into her dreams five years ago and why was Dannie making love to her best friend’s boyfriend?

“I knew it all five years ago; I saw everything. I even saw this moment. But staring at Aaron next to me, now, I realise something I did not know before, not until this very moment: 11:59pm. I saw what was coming, but I did not see what it would mean.”

It is ok not to have a five year plan; take it from someone whose plans changed in a space of months. So much can happen in that period of time. You can fall out of love and that is ok. You could not get that dream job and that is ok too. You could even loose your job and whilst at the time it will feel like the end of the world trust me it is not. But do you know what isn’t ok? Being alive but not living because life is for exactly that; living each moment because let’s face it who knows what is going to happen in the next one.

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