The Accidental Love Letter by Olivia Beirne

Anxiety the monster that gnaws away inside your stomach. For some people it is a passing thing and anxiety may only rear its ugly head on a bad day or when the particular individual is “anxious” about something currently happening in their life. On the flip side there are people whose anxiety is so bad that getting out of bed can be a struggle. There are people who experience anxiety in various elements of their life and will try to avoid that part of their life be it work, relationships or both.

Unfortunately, as much as you can try and avoid it if you are fighting your demons anxiety does not go away. It sits in the pit of your stomach waiting to crawl up and consume you (trust me I get it).

So whilst I am no doctor or health expert what helps? For me it was good friends (the kind you don’t need to say anything too or you want to say everything too at 3am), a good family who stood strong when I quivered and most importantly time for me. Learning to say no or stay in bed for that extra hour because I was tired or no to the night out or yes to the night out depending on what I wanted to do not what I felt I needed to do.

For Bea, her anxiety was there even if she did not recognise it herself at first. The need for routine and schedules. The need to know exactly how her day was going to go before it had even started. Then one day she got a letter (well she didn’t; it was addressed to B) but she did open it and met Nathan. Bea could not share how she felt with her best friends but to Nathan a complete stranger she could tell him exactly how she felt; how lonely she was. Following this events unfolded leading Bea to meet four people who would change her life…Gus, Sylvia, Nina and Jacob. These four people became Bea’s family, her squad who helped her rebuild herself and made her realise she was not alone.

A family does not need to be blood (although it can be) it is those people who turn up when it counts. When shit hits the fan they will be there, when you need to cry they will be there and most importantly when you need to celebrate those wins including getting out of bed on a bad day they will be there.

“The important thing is everyone is going to be there, together. My weird, but perfect, mismatched family.”

I know my squad…do you know yours?

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