The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary

Can you fall in love with a person you have never met? Are post-its the new modern love letter? Or can modern day communication only revolve around SnapChat, Insta message and Tik Tok?

Tiffy and Leon are flat mates in a one bed flat in the most unconventional way. They share a bed but never meet. Over time they develop a relationship through post it’s, tray bakes and mushroom stroganoff. Throw into the mix Tiffy is dealing with mainpulative ex, Leon has got a brother in prison and they are like chalk and cheese. Leon is quiet and does not like change. Tiffy is vibrant and has a very quirky dress sense.

Now I would not say I am particularly old (unless you ask my five year old) but I do love the art of conversation away from a mobile phone. When I was younger; before broadband was really heard of and no one could be on the landline if you wanted to use the internet I had a friend who I used to write to. He only lived in the Midlands but I remember being so excited when his letters would come in the post. I would spend ages reading it imagining him writing it and smiling at this funny quips or the different stories he would tell. I would also enjoy writing my letter back telling him about what was happening in my life (and as you can imagine at 16 everything is a drama).

Now do not get me wrong the “newer” forms of communication are quick, convenient and in the current climate a necessity but in my opinion nothing says romance like something hand written.

Fast forward to 2020 and my friend meets her beau once prior to lock down and they spend the next six months getting to know each other, discovering each others likes and dislikes, what makes them tick and having the deeper conversations that are harder to have in person and in her opinion she has learnt more about him in these six months not seeing him than she would seeing him all the time. And whilst their romance is not based on love letters the fact he bought a car after six years just to visit her is definitely a plus in my book.

So if my Big (whoever he is) wants to win me over I want it in writing!

“And there’s one last note.

“Tiffany Rose Moore of Flat 3, Madeira House, Stockwell, Would you like to be my wife? Take some time to think about it. If you want to see, I’m at the Bunny Hop Inn, room 6. I love you x”

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