My Best Friend’s Girl by Dorothy Koomson (Love)

What is the ultimate betrayal from your partner? Sleeping with your best friend is pretty high up there I would say. Can you go back after that? Can you forgive him? Or has the damage been done?

What if even though you know you can’t forgive him he still sets your skin on fire? We’ve all had that one guy or girl that everytime you see them they would turn your stomach into knots and you would soon become a blathering idiot. This is the same guy who knows exactly the right spot to kiss to make you weak at the knees. So is this love or merely infatuation? Or can this infatuation turn into love?

Sometimes however much you want it you can’t go back. Because you are so scared history will repeat itself.

On the flip side there is the other guy…he doesn’t quite set you alight but he’s genuine. He calls when he says he will. He doesn’t do the big gestures because the small ones are enough. He knows how to make you smile even on the rubbishest days. We have all known this guy as well.

And then somewhere in between some of you are the lucky ones and guy one and guy two are the same guy (obviously without the sleeping with your best friend part). Damn you lucky so and so!!

Ryn had two guys; Nate (the man she was going to marry), the man she let into her life, her heart and her bed (think kisses on the neck) and Luke who was initially an asshole (and at some points throughout I did still think asshole) but he cared. He took Tegan on as his own and stepped up when necessary.

For those of you who haven’t read My Best Friend’s Girl (why the hell not?!) I will not spoil the ending but I can guarantee this tangled web of Adele, Ryn, Nate and Luke will have you laughing, crying and on the edge from the start.

So whether you have a Luke, a Nate or you are one of the lucky ones whose Luke and Nate is the same guy in the words of Carrie Bradshaw “Never stop thinking about him even for a moment. Because that’s the moment he’ll appear”.

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